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Real Estate, Commercial/Medical Building:
  • Property for lease, Please call (714) 982-7732 or E-Mail: NeilHoang@BestHomeInc.com
         Commercial Lease: Listing: 13312 Brookhurst, Garden Grove
                                           Demographic: 13312 Brookhurst St., Garden Grove
  • Bank Owned for sale, current distress property (REO) in the following cities of California:
  • Provide full services to buy and sale real estate.
  • Property management services:
  • We find and screen tenant for your final approval.
  • We collect rent for you.
  • We repair and maintenance your rental property.
  • More real property services upon request.
  • Remodel, A to Z custom new home build from ground up. Engineering, Plan, Permit, and Build.  
  • Free Estimate Cost of loan, Payments, Principle & Interest.
  • Electronics Hardware design (FPGA, Board design, Analog, Digital), WEB design, hardware and software
    integration test, high volume contract manufacturing.
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Nam Neil Hoang
PO Box 2213
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A 92859
Tel: (714) 982-9952
Fax: (714) 636-1978